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  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1536~1598), military hegemon of Momoyama period Japan, invaded Korea twice (1592 and 1598). The ears and noses of vanquished enemies were sometimes shorn, then brought back to Japan as trophies. They were buried in grave-like mounds, and given Buddhist services for the dead. Known as mimizuka, such mounds are still preserved in Kyoto.
  • 桃山時代の武将、豊臣秀吉(1536~1598)は、朝鮮半島を侵略するため二度にわたって朝鮮への出兵を行った。(1592、1598)。日本の兵士たちは自らの戦績を示すため、朝鮮人兵士の耳や鼻をそぎ落とし、それらを日本に持ち帰った。その耳と鼻は供養のため埋葬され、塚が築かれた。その塚は今日でも京都に残っている。
  • Calligraphy by Rengetsu and 12 other poets
    Painting by Hasegawa Gyokuhou